Vegetables stay fresh longer and we have halved our agricultural chemical!

Yokomori  Agricultural Farm / Nagano Pref, Japan

Our farm size is about 7 to 8 ha and we produced major products like vegetables consisting of lettuce and Napa cabbage. We have since diluted our use of agri-chemicals and reduced it by half, yet the end result remained the same. However, after spraying the VG7 water onto the cut parts of freshly picked vegetables and re-spray them after placing it inside the containers, we discover that it really helps keep the freshness of the vegetables and it also prolongs its shelf life greatly.
Our calves grow better !

Fukunaga Stock Farm / Kumamoto Pref, Japan
Installed VG7 on Oct 2004.

We breed 42 cows(black hair wagyu) at our farm. After installing the VG7 water activator, we discovered that our cows are growing visibly better. Their skeletal development is great and they have gotten bigger in size. Moreover, the livestock excretion does not smell anymore! Kids in the neighborhood used to run away covering their mouths and noses whenever they walked by our farm. Mixing mineral material with the improved livestock excreta, we can now make high quality manure compost with lots of moisture and without the odor. This also has eliminated flies that used to flock the cows' area. Now we are selling this new manure to the greenhouse farmers!
Prolonged tartness and firmer fruits!

T Kougyo Co., Ltd. /  Kagawa pref,Japan

The following is the comparison on two sets of strawberries picked in the morning of 19 March 2010.We have applied one set with normal water and the other with the VG7 water. Results that we have gained made us discover that strawberries become firmer and its tartness can now last longer after absorbing the VG7 water. The redness of the strawberries has become more vivid when used with VG7 water and lesser white parts that are usually found in normal strawberries.
Change in hog farm wastewater !

Uchida Hog Farm / Kagoshima Pref,Japan

Mg/little                       Before installation                After installation

BOD                   280                48         (Biochemical Oxygen Demand)

SS                     380                54         (Suspended Solids)

Shishito (Japanese small sweet greenpepper) becomes sweeter and edible when raw!

Arakj Agriculture Farm /  Kumamoto Pref, Japan

Our main products are Shishito and melon. After using the VG7 water activator, we found out that our Shishito taste sweeter and they are edible even when raw! Our harvest is now larger and we have reduced the use of agrichemicals.
Various results!!

Farm from Hiroshima Pref, Japan

We have installed the VG7 water activator in Aug 2007. We went on to make additional installation of the 171 core in our greenhouse in Feb 2009. Our strawberries (known as the Red Pearl) become tastier and bigger. The plant has more flowers and we found out that strawberries at the VG7 applied area do not rot. After a prolonged period, they just shrivel up without even rotting!